Did you have a great experience with acupuncture?

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Like many of my generation, I was a bit skeptical of acupuncture at first. I waited until I found someone I could trust. I’ve been going to see Susanna off and on for about a year. I saw her yesterday for knee pain, and a really sore thumb and hand that I beat up in my attempts at home-improvement projects. As I walked around the city today, I noticed that familiar knee pain was missing. It made for an even more beautiful fall day.

Susanna is kind, empathetic and engaged in what’s going on with your life. If you’re on the fence about acupuncture, talk to Susanna. I heartily recommend her!
— Matt K.
This is the first time I’ve ever had acupuncture and I loved it! I saw Dr. Susanna Satten and she was lovely. She is well credentialed and immediately put me at ease by explaining exactly what would happen and thoroughly delving into my history. I went to her to address anxiety, general wellness and minor aches and pains.

During the session, I felt very calm and peaceful. Afterwards, I had a breakthrough on an issue that I had been struggling with. Definitely going back this week - she is wonderful!
— Ashely C.
Susanna has made an impact on my body, mind, and spirit! Before acupuncture with Susanna, I was an angry, unbalanced person, but after her treatments, I have become in-tune with myself and more “zen”. Susanna’s knowledge and insight about the body, and all the treatments have been extremely helpful to achieve the positive state that I am now in.
— Martyna B.
Susanna does a great job. She has really helped me with issues I was having with my thumbs and my knees. I absolutely recommend her.
— John H.
Susanna is an acupuncture superstar! If you have never tried acupuncture or cupping or Guasha, she’s excellent with newbies and instantly makes you feel comfortable. And you can feel the relief right away. If you have any maladies that Western medicine is having a hard time curing, I highly recommend you make an appointment to see her. She can even fix problems you didn’t realize you had...
— Matt S.
Wow is all I have to say! Susanna is so incredibly warm and welcoming. She took a lot of time to really take to me about my problems and it’s like no other medicine I’ve ever had. She’s amazing and gentle with the needling and I felt immediate relief aft her treatments. I totally recommend seeing her for any issues! Very knowledgeable in all aspects and gave me great dietary advise as well!
— Randy C.
Susanna’s knowledge and skill set has helped me physically as well as emotionally. I experienced significant reduction in my neck and shoulder pain due to her treatments.
— Kenneth M.
Susanna was able to diagnose and immediately treat intense muscle spasms of my lower back and calves, giving me the relief I had been searching months for. Her knowledge and compassion put me at ease and left me with a better understanding of my mind and body.
— Adam A.
Each week before my treatment with Susanna, I feel very calm and have no worries because I know that each treatment is going to make me feel better. I have complete confidence in Susanna. Her knowledge of Chinese Medicine is apparent, and she explains everything with ease and enthusiasm. She has a wide understanding of health issues and other healing modalities. She shares all of this with her patients. She is comfortable to be around and has a great personality. Thank you for being such a great acupuncturist - I have really improved while working with Susanna.
— Jennifer K.
I saw Susanna post-surgery and felt extremely safe and cared for. Almost immediately, I noticed relief from my symptoms. She helped me with my recovery and was both informative and accessible.
— Laura S.
Susanna is terrific. Her practice is centered and calming; her knowledge and skill vast (I’ve been to other acupuncturists in my life); great willingness to solve a problem; her delight in what she does is evident. She’s “fixed” me and now I go in for “tune-ups”.
— Sherill C.
Susanna has a wonderful way about her healing properties; not only is she an excellent acupuncturist, she has a special talent for accommodating your emotional needs. Over time, she has improved areas where I once had chronic pain.
— Guadalupe C.
Regular treatments with Susanna have been both an essential and impactful part of my health routine. Whether the issue is mental, emotional or physical - her approach and treatment are tailored to fit my individual situation, every time.

Susanna’s acupuncture practice has aided me in processing one of the most challenging years of my life so far, and I look forward to seeing the benefits of another year of ongoing treatment. I would be lost without her, thank you Susanna!
— Joseph K.
Susanna is attentive, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. She has struck the perfect balance between intellect and intuitiveness. She has an excellent rapport with patients and her heart is absolutely in the right place for her profession of healing. She is a wonderful practitioner, highly recommend.
— Liz S.
Susanna has been such a joy to work with. I started seeing her about 3 months ago when I was going through IVF and was looking to increase my fertility and anxiety issues. Within my first treatment, Susanna had diagnosed me and treated using a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese herbs.

Not only did she help me with my health issues, she introduced me to a new way of looking at things holistically. I believe the mind and body are connected and I owe Susanna for my this reaffirmed outlook.

Sure enough, two months after starting treatment, I was pregnant! I truly believe Susanna got me here and I am so thankful that I was introduced to her. I still continue to see her for morning sickness treatments and again, have seen significant improvements in my health. Her bedside manner is great and she is such a calming, educated, thoughtful and positive person.
— Kathleen U.
Susanna is wonderful. I found her about 6 months ago when I was feeling anxious and drained and needed help. I had experience with acupuncture and knew it could lessen anxiety, but Susanna has managed to diagnose and help me work through everything from physical injuries to emotional scars.

She is friendly, attentive, and incredibly knowledgeable. I look forward to sessions with her and the lighter, more relaxed day I’m able to enjoy after leaving her office. More importantly, I’m so grateful to Susanna for her fundamental role in my improved well-being, and look forward to continued progress with her skilled support.
— Maureen S.
Susanna is an outstanding acupuncturist! I try to see her every week. She has helped my allergies immensely an I no longer have to take anti-histamines.
— Neal S.
Susanna is what you need if you are going for acupuncture and if you aren’t so sure about it, you will be after spending time with Susanna. She will personalize treatments and plans. What I most enjoyed is talking through exactly what she is doing and why.

I originally went for acute shoulder pain which has now subsided and I am going for more regular, proactive session. I’ve had acupuncture, cupping, and guasha and it has all gone very well.

I’d recommend her to anyone!
— Steve R.
Susanna is a thoughtful and thorough practitioner. She asks thoughtful questions that get at the source of the problems in ways that are hard to imagine. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!
— Nelson R.
Susanna is very conscientious and caring. She gave me wonderful treatments while paying special attention to my areas of concern
— Jerry G.
Thank you for helping me! Your appreciation to detail and willingness to help me learn as well as listen it to me was greatly appreciated.
Susanna has treated me for a variety of ailment and conditions. What sets her apart is her attention to detail, the thoroughness of her work, and her focus on outcomes. She is truly a professional in her industry.
— Jaime K.
Susanna is easily the best acupuncturist in Philly! She’s attentive, intelligent, super-friendly, soothing, and she always ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during the entire treatment process. I can’t thank her enough for her help! Highly recommended!
— Matt S.
I am old-school, so I was reluctant to try acupuncture. Giving it a try was the best decision I could have made. Now, I look forward to each appointment. Susanna is simply the best. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and extremely caring.
— Tim L.
Susanna’s ability to be compassionate and understanding gave a humane touch to an overall effective treatment. I came to her for emotional issues and she treated me with such care and respect. By putting me immediately at ease, it allowed the treatment to have a deeper effect. I would recommend anyone I know to Susanna.
— Jessica F.
I’ve been visiting Susanna at South Philly Community Acupuncture for my PMDD and terrible menstrual cycles and found unbelievable relief after a series of sessions. She listened to what I needed and worked with me over a few weeks to get through a difficult experience. My symptoms have almost disappeared with each cycle.

South Philly Community Acupuncture is a great resource and cornerstone of health and wellness in our neighborhood. I am a huge supporter of alternative medicine and value acupuncture for all it offers; I utlitize it for a number of ailments. Even when I don’t have a specific need, I love general upkeep appointments. I feel about my acupuncture appointments the way lots of people feel about a luxurious massage. It keeps my mind clear and allows for relaxation and quiet amidst a hectic, noisy life.
— Monica M.
This is my first experience with acupuncture and it has been great. Susanna is a wonderful practitioner who is thorough, thoughtful, considerate and genuine. Highly recommended!
— Alan A.
Susanna is a gifted practitioner, both in her acupuncture skills and bedside manner. She’s very personable, took the time to listen to me, and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole treatment. Best of all, both my stress and pain were greatly reduced!
— Meghan S.
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Susanna! She really listened to my health issues and took the time to help me understand how acupuncture can help me. I was nervous to try acupuncture, but she was very gentle and walked me through each step. I found it very relaxing. I have already seen great improvement in my health. I can’t wait to go back for another treatment!
— Caitlin N.
I was nervous and skeptical about my first time having acupuncture, but Susanna made me feel so incredible comfortable! I went in for some hamstring issues due to overuse and left feeling better than I have in years. She was gentle and took all of my concerns seriously while talking me through each little needle. Can’t wait to keep going back!
— Shellie W.
Susanna is the best! She is kind and cares about her patients. Susanna takes the time to explain the treatments to her patients and how the treatment will benefit them. I’ve been seeing Susanna for over 6 months and have noticed a difference because of acupuncture. Acupuncture has become a regular part of my wellness routine. Thank you, Susanna!
— Kristin M.
Coming to Susanna is better than seeing a regular doctor. Going there is like seeing a good friend who truly cares and wants the best for you nota a a patient, but rather a friend. Thank you.
— Keith B.
Susanna has done wonders for my overall health. I firmly recommend using her for you acupuncture needs and for improved health. Susanna is an amazing person and a wonderful doctor. Go see her ASAP, you will be very glad you did!
— Bob W.