Can acupuncture help me?

Yes! Acupuncture treats you (as a whole person), not simply a specific symptom.  It is effective in treating a wide range of conditions, ranging from pain to digestion to emotions to sleep.  For more detailed information on what acupuncture treats, click here.

What is ACupuncture?

Acupuncture is one branch of East-Asian Medicine.  East-Asian Medicine is based on a wholistic, energetic model that views the body as a complete, inter-connected system. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese discovered that there is vital energy inherent in all living things - this energy is called Qi or Chi (pronounced "chee"). Over thousands of years of practice, the ancient physicians discovered an "invisible" system of cyclic energy flowing in the human body along specific pathways called channels or meridians. Acupuncture points are areas along those channels where Qi can be accessed. Acupuncture is the strategic placement of very thin, acupuncture "filiforms" (stainless steel, single use, disposable sterile needles) inserted into very specific points in your body to benefit your health. The goal of acupuncture is to clear "blockages" and harmonize "imbalances" that have occurred along those channels. Clearing blockages and restoring balance to your body allows it to heal itself.  

What to expect from an acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatments often include other modalities in the scope of East-Asian Medicine such as:

Acupressure  |  Auricular Acupuncture + Seeds  |  Electrical Acupuncture (E-Stim)  |  Moxibustion (Moxa)  |  GuaSha  |  Cupping  |  Lifestyle +  Nutritional Recommendations  |  Tui Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage)  |  Qi Gong (movements for health)

For optimal results, plan for a series of 6-10 treatments in 3-5 weeks: Timing of treatments are on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. Effects from acupuncture are cumulative, meaning that results build over time, with the effects becoming increasingly apparent.  Responses to treatment vary, based on your lifestyle and individual health status.  After the initial series of treatments, maintenance  treatments are recommended so you can continue to feel your best.

treatment options & PRICING

Initial private acupuncture treatments cost $175, and last approximately 90 minutes. Susanna is available for private appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the Medical Tower in Center City.  

- Follow-up private acupuncture treatments cost $100, and last 55 minutes. Susanna is available for private appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the Medical Tower in Center City.  

- Private facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatments are structured in a package of 12 treatments (twice-weekly for 6 weeks) for $1,950, and last 85 minutes. Individual appointments are $175. Susanna is available for facial rejuvenation appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the Medical Tower in Center City.  

- Community acupuncture treatments are sliding-scale, ranging from $35-50 per treatment, based upon your ability to pay. Appointments last 45-55 minutes. Susanna is available for community-style appointments at South Philly Community Acupuncture on Fridays and Saturdays.  See the FAQs page for more information.


I saw Susanna post-surgery and felt extremely safe and cared for. Almost immediately, I noticed relief from my symptoms. She helped me with my recovery and was both informative and accessible.
— Laura S., 25
Susanna is a thoughtful and thorough practitioner. She asks thoughtful questions that get at the source of the problems in ways that are hard to imagine. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!
— Nelson R., 53
Susanna’s knowledge and skill set has helped me physically as well as emotionally. I experienced significant reduction in my neck and shoulder pain due to her treatments.
— Kenneth M., 35
Susanna was able to diagnose and immediately treat intense muscle spasms of my lower back and calves, giving me the relief I had been searching months for. Her knowledge and compassion put me at ease and left me with a better understanding of my mind and body.
— Adam A., 35
Each week before my treatment with Susanna, I feel very calm and have no worries because I know that each treatment is going to make me feel better. I have complete confidence in Susanna. Her knowledge of Chinese Medicine is apparent, and she explains everything with ease and enthusiasm. She has a wide understanding of health issues and other healing modalities. She shares all of this with her patients. She is comfortable to be around and has a great personality. Thank you for being such a great acupuncturist - I have really improved while working with Susanna.
— Jennifer K., 45
Susanna is very conscientious and caring. She gave me wonderful treatments while paying special attention to my areas of concern.
— Jerry G., 58