Benefits of Yoga

There are many reasons for you to practice yoga including: stress relief, pain reduction, improved breathing, increased flexibility and range of motion, increased strength, weight management, improved circulation, cardiovascular conditioning, increased connection to the present moment, and to create a sense of inner calm.  

Private Yoga Sessions

Private instruction helps you tap into a deeper awareness of your body a postures are customized to your unique needs.  Homework is provided to further your practice.  

$100 per 55 minute session

Susanna opened my eyes to the benefits of yoga practice both physical and mental. As a complete beginner, I was a bit intimidated at first, but she tailored the practice to my knowledge and ability level with a skill and encouragement that made even the early mornings a completely enjoyable experience. She was able to tailor exercises to my needs as a distance runner with expertise. Years later, I attribute my enthusiasm for yoga to Susanna’s skillful teaching and am thankful to have had the pleasure of joining her practice. Do yourself a favor and practice with her as soon as you can. It’s a great workout in the most positive environment you could ever imagine
— Miles M., 29