1532 E. Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Susanna's appointment hours at SPCA:

Fridays: 2:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Saturdays: 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

See the FAQs for information regarding the differences between private and community-style treatments.

What is Community Acupuncture?

Community acupuncture is describes a model where multiple patients are treated at the same time in the same room. This keeps the fees lower to enable you to get frequent treatments without cost becoming a deterrent. Sliding-scale fees range from $40-$60 per treatment, based upon your ability to pay. Initial visits have an additional $25 evaluation fee.


Acupuncture is most effective when treatments are regular and frequent. Healing is a process, and it takes time and repetition to resolve many health concerns. Getting acupuncture 2 times per week for 3-5 weeks is recommended in order to jumpstart your healing process and see optimal results. After this initial series of treatments, you should feel significant improvement, and can space out your treatments to weekly or bi-weekly. The community acupuncture model is a great way to recieve a series of treatments at a lower cost.

What is a community acupuncture treatment like?

When you come in for treatment at SPCA, up to three other patients will already be in the room receiving acupuncture and resting. Conversations are held in low voices when discussing your health concerns and goals for treatment. Soothing music plays in the background to keep the environment quiet and peaceful. Wear loose fitting clothing that allows for pants to be rolled up to the knee and shirts to the elbow, as you remain clothed during treatment..  

Community acupuncture appointments are booked in 15 minute increments, which encompasses the time that Susanna spends talking with you, putting your needles in as well as performing any other modalities that may be appropriate for you on that given day. After that, you have an additional 30 minutes to relax with the needles in your body. Visits lasts approximately 45-55 minutes.

I just had my 1st experience with acupuncture. The entire area in the building is light-filled, soft, smells wonderful, and is conducive to falling asleep or meditating. I saw Susanna for my session. She was very warm, open and listened to all my issues, of which there were many. I was primarily there for sharp, searing pain across the top of my back. I also had consistent muscle spams in my left thigh for years, but that was secondary to the back pain. Susanna was so wonderful and full of compassion in her personal interaction. She also teaches as she treats, something I like. I also must speak highly of the ladies at the front desk, Sue & Sara. Both lovely women, with the required talents to be at that desk. Both are very welcoming, full of life and light, yet calm and soothing. Oh, and the music is great too! I booked my 2nd session with Susanna before I left. The day after my 1st session I noticed: Muscle spasm gone in left thigh, I did not have to take allergy meds I’ve needed for the last 3 weeks. Also, my searing upper back pain has become an aching across my back, I’ll take it! I have measurable improvement in the back which includes being able to rotate my neck gently & get some cracks. Can’t wait till my next appointment!
— Stacey M.